Clinical Sites

PONTE has recruited four highly competent clinical partners with significant and well recognised experience in the field of clinical research and clinical care who constitute the end-users of the proposed solution:

National Research Council-Institute of Clinical Physiology (CNR-IFC)

The IFC (Institute of Clinical Physiology) was established in 1968 as an intramural research institute of CNR (National Research Council) for clinical research in the field of cardiopulmonary and metabolic disease. Its mission is “Innovation for better patient care”, through a multidisciplinary approach based on the coexistence of several units in a truly integrated milieu of expertise as physicians, epidemiologists and scientists. Within PONTE, CNR-IFC act as an end-user. It leads the user requirements identification, collection and analysis task and contribute to the PONTE platform evaluation. CNR-IFC shows particular interest in the administration of thyroid hormone for patients with STEMI, which comprises the scenario of use for PONTE platform and has already got approval from the local Ethical Committee for the conduction of such clinical trial. Moreover, IFC provide their valuable expertise on clinical trials design and conduction and the related protocols. Hospital IT system is based on a relational database with administrative and clinical information in order to provide Electronic Medical Records on both inpatients and outpatients. CNR-IFC also actively participates in the dissemination of the PONTE results through word of mouth advertising in ehealth conferences, submission of papers with the PONTE findings and impact to well-recognised international journals and conferences.

Institute of Psychophysiology & Rehabilitation of the Kaunas University of Medicine (IOPR)

IOPR comprises a research institution with great expertise in cardiovascular rehabilitation, cardiovascular prevention and psychophysiology, in biological psychiatry, and in behaviour and sleep medicine. They act as end-users for the PONTE platform. Within PONTE IOPR provide their valuable expertise in Electronic Health Records (EHR). Moreover, their contribution to the PONTE project involves their participation in the user requirements analysis process, the preparation of the validation plan, the evaluation of the PONTE system and the dissemination of the PONTE results to international e-health conferences and journals.

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Addenbrooke's Hospital (CUH)

ADDEN is a teaching hospital, one of the Government's new biomedical research centres with a world-class research reputation which provides care for patients with a wide array of endocrine disorders. Within PONTE they contribute as end-users by providing valuable data concerning the administration of the thyroid hormone for endocrine disorders in clinical care. Moreover, ADDEN actively participate in the user requirements analysis and preparation of the validation plan as well as during system evaluation. ADDEN also lead the dissemination activities as a well-recognised research organisation with a broad network of collaborations and well-respected research activities of high quality.

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)

NKUA participates in PONTE through the Department of Pharmacology - a Division of the Faculty of Medicine - which has developed considerable research activity in the field of cardiovascular pharmacology during the last decade and has received international recognition with several publications in international scientific journals. NKUA contribute to PONTE through the provision of valuable information related to basic research and data that structures that will enrich the PONTE platform for the semantic representation and organisation of the clinical trials and clinical care data. Moreover, they participate in the user analysis and the system evaluation process.