Technology Providers

PONTE technology partner coming from the private sector is a very highly competent company in the fields of biomedical informatics, bio-banking and disease modelling:

Strategic Medicine Inc (SMI)

SMI is a well-recognised company that synergistically works with the Windber Research Institute (Windber, PA, USA) and a wide-range of commercial and academic partners to develop computational tools and diagnostic methods to stratify patients and stratify disease for use in clinical decision support. Within PONTE they hand down their valuable expertise in disease modelling and biomedical informatics and contribute to the PONTE platform architecture, the technical analysis, the development of the specification language and the system evaluation. Moreover, they lead the state of the art analysis, whereas, given their broad network of commercial and academic partners they actively participate in the dissemination activities through both direct and indirect dissemination of PONTE results, including papers, articles, interviews, provision of contact information with partners of their network for communication of the PONTE innovative research outcome.