R&D Providers

The R&D providers within PONTE are highly competent academic and research institutions with great experience in their field of expertise, well suited for the needs of the PONTE project and include:

Centre d'Excellence en Technologies et de la Communication (CETIC)

CETIC is an Applied Research centre bringing their high expertise on semantic data representation, advanced security and Grid Infrastructures within PONTE proposal. They are heading the efforts for developing the specification language for representing and managing the ontologies, their relations and their interactions within the proposed platform and the semantic representation and organization of the health related data exchanged both from clinical care and clinical research information systems through the PONTE platform. Moreover, CETIC actively participates in the identification and analysis of the platform requirements, provides their security expertise for the security aspects of the PONTE solution and is one of the technical partners involved in the integration tasks of the system. Being a connecting agent between academic research and enterprises, CETIC provides valuable contribution to the standardisation activities as well as the dissemination efforts of PONTE consortium by repeating its national experience of technology transfer between universities and industries at European level.


Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS/NTUA)

ICCS/NTUA comprises a research organisation with great experience in Service Oriented Architectures, data management in distributed systems, QoS provision, resource and execution management through SLAs and dynamic workflow management among others. Within PONTE, ICCS/NTUA has undertaken the technical management and coordination work related to the specification and design of the PONTE platform. They also contribute to the identification and analysis of the platform requirements, lead the task related to the development of the Framework services and participate in system integration. ICCS/NTUA disseminates PONTE innovative research and results through the submission of related papers to international journals and the presentation of the PONTE findings to international conferences and workshops among others.


Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)

TUD will participate in PONTE through the bioinformatics group. This group has developed GoPubMed, the ontology-based literature search engine, part of the work in which forms the basis for the development of the ontology-based search engine. More specifically, within PONTE TUD lead the semantic data mining work-package and also contribute to the system requirements identification and analysis, the PONTE platform design and the integration tasks. TUD also participate in the dissemination activities through the preparation of papers for international journals and conferences.