Project Partners

PONTE deals with the development of a platform enabling the semantic interoperability between clinical research and clinical care information systems in order to allow for the automated, intelligent and efficient identification of patients eligible to participate in well-designed clinical trials. It is clear that the objectives of PONTE project are multidisciplinary and hence collaboration among partners from various research and business fields is required. More specifically the PONTE consortium includes experts in:

  • healthcare
  • clinical research (both basic science and clinical studies)
  • semantic data mining
  • semantic data representation
  • intelligent decision support
  • Service Oriented Infrastructures (SOI)
  • system security
  • IT law

PONTE consortium includes four distinct expertise groups:

  • R&D providers which incorporates all academic and research institutions with complementary expertise on e-health, advanced data mining, semantic data representation, system security, intelligent decision support, Service Oriented Infrastructures
  • Technology providers, which includes the commercial companies providing important technologies in the project
  • Users which incorporates the clinical sites providing clinical information (Electronic Health Records, clinical trial results, etc) and acting as pilots to test the PONTE platform.
  • Legal consultants, which includes the experts on IT and e-health law who will be in charge of ensuring that all measures have been taken in order for the project to timely identify, analyse and address potential ethical and data privacy issues arising from accessing patient health information

These distinct groups provide the complementary expertise that is required for the successful implementation of the PONTE project. In terms of geographical distribution, PONTE includes partners from 7 EU member states (Italy, Belgium, Lithuania, Greece, Germany, UK and Netherlands).