Legal Consultant

PONTE shows special interest in the full compliance of the proposed platform and its functionalities with all applicable legislation as well as best practice and thus has involved a well-appreciated and experienced partner in the field of IT-law and e-health:

Leibniz University of Hannover (LUH)

LUH participates in PONTE through the Institute of Legal Informatics (IRI) which has great experience in data protection law, medical data protection law and medical data in the health insurances. They head the Ethical and Privacy Issues Committee (EPIC) and are in charge of performing a security and privacy requirements analysis for PONTE platform and for evaluating the system in order to ensure that the produced solution is in line with existing legislation. Moreover, the LUH has taken over the responsibility to remain up-to-date with any modifications or updates of existing legislation. It should be noted the LUH participates in all PONTE RTD work packages by periodically monitoring progress related to their adherence with legislation and comprise the contact point for related queries from the consortium.