PONTE at the EU Open Day at Cambridge 31-Jan-2012

Feb 12, 2012

UPDATE: All of the presentations from the Open Day are now available for download.  They can be accessed by opening the PDF Programme of the day and clicking the links to each.


Ponte at the EU Open Day at CUH, is to be held at the William Harvey Lecture Theatre on the 31.1.2012 from 9.00- 17.00. We have a rich and diverse program, in which you can learn about EU funding opportunities and how they could apply to your research interests. You will have the opportunity to find out how to prepare and submit projects and who is available to support you. We have invited international speakers.We will also present projects and project opportunities in the field of:


  • Semantic interoperability projects - how to make data bases understand each other
  • Data stratification projects in health care  - better use of available data for improved care
  • Legal perspectives  and more.


A full programme can be viewed and downloaded by clicking this link.


You can learn about our PONTE EU project, in which CUH is one out of nine international partners - and its application in drug research. There is also an exciting and thought provoking session on the effects of Thyroid hormone and its potential application in heart disease.



We invite you cordially to join the sessions that are of interest to you and to participate in the discussions. Please feel free to invite your colleagues.


For free registration and further information, please email toni.staykova@nhs.net.


Thank you very much,


Dr. Toni Staykova

Clinical Research Manager